How to keep your Verizon 4G aircard connected

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Verzon Wireless 4G usb aircard

      Many of my clients in northern Macomb  and Lapeer Counties have been having problems with Verizon Wireless 4G aircards. They get repeatedly kicked off the internet or cannot connect at all often times. I came across a solution the other day thanks to Jason Hartman's Blog.


     This will keep your connection constantly at 3G. It is slower than 4G but still much better than dial-up or satellite.

  1. Open the VZ Access manager but do not connect (disconnect if you are connected)
  2. Press Ctrl and D at the same time to bring up the hidden settings window
  3. It will ask for a password, use diagvzw
  4. Choose "Settings" in the "Preferred operating mode" section, change it from Global to "Auto CDMA"
  5. Close the window, exit VZ Access Manager and then open it again and connect

     Slow and steady is much better than fast but unreliable. For some reason this is not common knowledge for the Verizon phone support team. Some have spent hours on the phone with them only to be told their computer is the problem and not Verizon. The truth is 4G coverage is spotty at best in northern Macomb County.